Is there a cost to watch the judging in Melbourne?

No there is no cost.  It is FREE to attend. NO registration required. 

What are the judges looking for? 

The judges are given the following assessment criteria to think about when judging images.

Visual & emotional impact
Timing, anticipation
Processing, post-production & presentation

Do I have to register my entries online?

You need to complete the online entry for all entries. This online entry is the back bone of the awards system and the stills uploaded are used to give you an entry ID number so be used to name your original 2 min films before uploading it to dropbox.

How to I find my scores?

You can find your scores here http://aippawards.com once the video has been scored.

How strict is the one year rule

This is a very strict rule the one year is from the close of entries.  E.g. the close of entries for Video Awards is 29th August 2017 so videos entered must have been taken after the 29th August 2016.

Can non-AIPP-members enter the Video awards?

Yes, non-members can enter the video awards.


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