Steve Hubbard

Steve Hubbard is a ‘son of the west of the west’ who moved to Melbourne from Western Australia in 2007. For more than a decade Steve was the Sport, Recreation & Culture Manager with the City of Rockingham, before a two year stint at Brimbank Council in Melbourne’s West convinced him that it was time to re-career! 

From 2010-2012 he studied a Masters of Marketing at Monash University and started using social media for community engagement and marketing communications in consultancy roles.  

Since that time Steve has gone on to become ‘arguably’ Australia’s best ‘local social media marketer’ having provided social media marketing services for 150+ of predominantly Melbourne based micro-small businesses - including many well known franchise brands, branches of a major bank, a National sporting team, a political party and the Footscray Traders Association. 

Steve is the Owner and Principal Social Media Marketer at Dify Social with a mission to protect, build and grow businesses using social media marketing.