Peter Szilveszter

Film making has been a large part of Peter's life. From his first memory of being in the cinema at the age of five, seeing ET on the big screen made he wanted to create his own worlds, which then turned into film making. Peter loves to immerse himself in the art form of making films and be part of the whole process.

Director of Photography - It is his passion to take an idea and create something visually stunning. He wants the viewer to be drawn into the imagery, to forget they are a viewer and instead become part of the experience when watching my work.

Digital Colourist- He feels in these days of digital filmmaking that it is important for the cinematographer to digitally colour the film in the same way they would have by choosing specific film stock in the past.

Independent Filmmaker - When he is not shooting films, Peter is working in his video production business Living Lens. This gives him an opportunity to hone his skills, keep up to date with all the latest camera news and he is constantly upgrading his knowledge and skills to keep on top of the every changing industry.