Jared Kettle and Jacob Williams

Humdrum Films is Jacob Williams and Jared Kettle. They met in 2008 while studying Film & Digital Media at Deakin University. They’ve been co-conspirators ever since. Together, they have over 10 years of wedding experience behind them, and they feel incredibly lucky to have couples invite them into what is a very special day in their lives. It’s an enormous privilege to be entrusted to capture that memory for them. It’s not something they take lightly.

Humdrum was born as a creative outlet, a way for them to tell unique stories through the moving image. Their films are made out of moments. Some are small. Some are big. Some are happy. Some are sad. Some are loud. Some are quiet. And some can go unnoticed. So, to capture the best moments they don’t look in the obvious places. Instead, they seek those moments in the trees, in the aisle, in the car, in whispers, in the wind, in reflections. The precious (best, most special) moments aren’t where you think you’ll find them. These moments are the basis fortheir films. They are genuinely passionate about creating a quality, handcrafted product for our couples.

They love what they do, and the people they get to meet. That’s the reward for Jacob and Jared.