The AIPP Australian Professional Video Producer Awards was introduced in 2016. With our intent to raise the profile of Accredited Professional Video Producers APVP and build the community and our commitment to the profession of video producers, we see this as an important step forward.

Just as with APPA the Australian Professional Photography Awards, these awards at its core will be a peer review annual event. As we constantly push ourselves to improve and excel in our professional and personal development, using this arena to work together to raise the bar and the perception of what makes a professional video producer. 

In 2017 the awards will take place in conjunction with a one-day video conference creating a 2-day video event.  The video awards judging will take place on Tuesday 26th of September, and the conference will take place on the Wednesday 27th, accumulating with a awards presentation dinner in the evening.  We look forward to this event and building the video awards and conference in the future.